Which Items to Add to Your First Order for Wholesale Hair Extensions?

Wholesale Hair Extensions

Your first order is so special that sometimes you can memorize each item and its cost.

With wholesale, you walk on eggshells to manage every fraction of the cost.

Things can get pretty stressful.

But today, I’ll walk you through the bestselling and must-have items.

They’re going to let you have a decent inventory for the common customer at an economic budget.

So, grab a pencil and a piece of paper. And let’s create a cart together.

Dropshipping Vs. Wholesale

If you’re starting your hair business and paid a lot in setting it up with legal and tech expenses.

Wholesale can be a burden, as you need to feed your inventory with various items so you can always be ready for future demand.

If it has been too much you can consider Dropshipping.

Dropship Beauty is your sidekick to launch your hair business with numerous products at just an affordable monthly subscription.

Also, you can partner up with Private Label Branding and add your personal touch to each shipment that goes out.

Cost Structure

Though we advise you to use our platform Private Label Wholesale, we also advise you not to spend much.

Each brand has a distinctive customer base with distinctive needs.

So, you don’t want to store the wrong products. It could be months before you sell them out.

And as you begin you will need a fast return on your investment.

That’s why you have to make incremental ordering and test your audience before bulk buying.

If you import from a foreign vendor, make sure you count in the total cost of shipping, as what you save on the product, can be spent on shipping as a hidden cost.

But I will help you to make your first order on a $1000 to $1500 budget.

Choosing Bundles

You can’t sell hair without body wave bundles.

But please note that cheap bundles can save cost but might cause trouble like flyaways, the reason is that they use a lower quality material.

We use the premium bundle so you might want to sell it too in a length of 16 inches to 22 inches.

Next are the silky straight bundles, you should add a couple to your cart for a different audience.

And of course, don’t forget the deep wave bundles but you can extend them to 24 inches as people prefer them long and full.

Choosing Frontals

Now you can add matching frontals. 13x4 HD body wave lace frontals 16 to 18 inches in length.

Also, 13x6 HD lace frontals. They’re becoming so popular, so don’t miss this competitive advantage in your local market.

If you’re targeting low-budget customers you can ditch the HD frontals for the transparent option, as they are more like day-to-day frontals.

The last frontal is the 13x4 HD deep wave lace frontal, 16 inches in length.

Choosing Closures

Along with premium 5x5 HD body wave closures in the length of 16 to 18 inches.

And lower-cost closures like the 4x4 body wave transparent lace closures.

In addition to the 4x4 deep wave transparent lace closures.

Choosing Wigs

If you’re a deeply involved specialist in the hair industry, don’t miss Private Label Wigs.

You can customize a professionally colored wig, even the bestselling glueless wigs, it’s a valuable deal and the ownership belongs totally to you.

But other than that, top up your cart with a 13x4 body wave transparent lace front wig. Preferably in 16 and 22 inches length and 150% density.

And make sure don’t buy every 2-inch option, you’re going to waste your money.

With an extra $10, choose pre-cut lace, bleached knots, or glueless wigs. Because that’s going to save your customers money and time.

As straight bob wigs are still popular, get yourself a 5x5 HD one in short length probably 12 inches with a 150% density.

Along with a 13x6 straight HD lace front wig in 20 inches length and 150% density.

U-Part wigs and kinky straight wigs are making a comeback.

So, check your local market for demand while avoiding the full lace wigs at the beginning.

And support with arsenal with headband wigs because they’re very convenient for quick meetups.

Extra Items

If you’re into natural hair, you would want to check kinky curly and afro kinky bundles.

For ponytails, we managed to develop a ponytail with stretched cuffs that looks amazingly natural and beautiful.

They’re making it out there. They can be great items to showcase.

Your clients will probably need seamless clip-ins to extend their hairstyle, so make sure to have some.

Building Your Cart

With an extra 10 sets of lashes baby pink January box, you can promote to your first 10 customers with an extra free lash set.

But overall if you bought 2 bundles per type along with a single matching closures and frontals. In addition to one wig from each category.

We can build an inventory at $1500 without worrying about the cost and the storage.

The key is to communicate to your customers that you’re able to fulfill their needs in convenient and economical terms.

From this point, you can scale up easily toward bigger budgets as now you have some extra profit in hand.

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