Shopify Email: How to Write the Best Email Subject Lines

How to Write the Best Email Subject Lines

I would be fooling you if I told you that the best one-liner to say walking into a room is something related to the weather.

Imagine building a list of 3000 subscribers, you cut out their chilling time with an email notification that they might think is work-related, just to open it up to you saying an outdated headline from the year 2009.

If you don’t kill with your subject lines, you’re killed.

According to some research 47% of subscribers open emails because of the subject line while 69% of them marked as spam based on the same reason.

If 10 out of 100 subscribers mark your mail as spam, the next campaign will go directly to spam for 50 people.

If your email presses so much on selling, by time, it will go directly to the promotional section instead of the inbox.

Let’s dodge that.

Roll into the Hair Business Masterclass to now all the email marketing tricks.

The Outgoing Styles

If your brand is friendly, non-exclusive, warm, outgoing, and approachable.

You can use tones like curiosity, fun, FOMO, and catchy.

To activate the curious tone, you must be playful and insightful to intrigue the minds.

Use open-ended questions or weird situations.

To stimulate the fun tone, try to be sarcastic about competition, or mention funny situations with installing wigs for instance.

Just be cheerful and delightful.

The FOMO tone must agitate the fear of missing out by hiding the value and expressing how critical it is to know about it.

It always works, and it’s a pretty powerful tone.

The catchy tone is like a slap on the face, you steal the spotlights, and you play with them.

Let the outgoing character shine, use verbs not nouns, and make it full of life.

The Diva Styles

If your brand is confident, exclusive, empowering, discreet, and prestigious.

Use a vanity tone, brag about the premium side of your brands, let people ditch their old selves, and speak out as a true lady.

The vanity tone must be outrageous.

The Selling Styles

If you’re selling B2B or your brand is about direct selling, clearances, good value for money, and price competition.

You should use tones like agitating customers’ pain and greedy tones.

To stress on pain, reverse your brand solution, like for Glueless wigs, for example, you can talk about how tiring is the glue and the installation.

You shouldn’t be so gloomy, but you have to be realistic.

The greedy tone is luring customers and B2B peers by speaking numbers.

Trigger them with flash sales and discount percentages.

Do comparison and attract them with free shipping and so on.

The Honest Styles

If your brand is strict and don’t kid around.

You can convey this transparency within your subject line by mentioning facts or just plain honesty.

Be simple and don’t overcomplicate things.

Do things like promotional discount email beside your campaigns.

If this is done right it can have a sense of fun into it.

Then you can personalize the emails to seem like they were sent by a friend.

But don’t sell with those emails, don’t be creepy.

You can retarget too using flows like abandoned carts or checkouts.

Using variants of newsletters and sales emails can increase the people’s interest on your brand.

Most of your talking will be lost and shredded if you don’t have value.

Even half a tip can benefit people and get them excited when they receive a new mail.

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