Shopify Email: Sending A Promotional Discount Email

Shopify Email: Sending A Promotional Discount Email

As we’re about to finish the Shopify Email blog series.

What is email marketing without a decent discount email that delights the hearts?

Receiving a discount for a product you need in the middle of the day is a blessing that everyone must have in her life.

In the previous blogs, we learned how to create an email and how to create a promotional email.

Let’s do a promotional discount email together today in just a few minutes.

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Creating the Email Campaign

Going over the creation process again, it’s quite simple.

By going to the Shopify Email app, you should click on Creating a Campaign.

To be redirected over to choose a template.

There is a template for discounts that you can customize for your brand.

After that you should pick your subscribers list, you can use segments to target people who deserve discounts or people who haven’t purchased for a while.

Write a subject line that catches the breath and entices the customer to click right on it.

And give a sneak peek with the preview text to urge them to go inside.

Use your professional email with your domain to leave an impression.

Now, we edit the template.

Designing and Editing Imagery

I have a Canva Pro subscription where I have access to plenty of stock images and other creative assets.

For my emails, I create an 800x400 canvas and I find a stock image with a hair close to the product I’m selling.

Then I use the background remover so I can optimize the picture for my needs.

I use the brand colors to make an alternative background.

I create a couple of text boxes while making sure the font size is suitable for the mobile view.

I save my picture as JPG with no random words and at a 70% to 75% quality for a medium-sized file that downloads faster without any downgrading for the email performance.

Then I upload it to the email in the desired section, in addition to writing an Alt text so the server doesn’t think it’s spam.

Copywriting for Emails

Copywriting is the words that make money.

It’s your selling enzyme.

A person scanning over your email will look for certain words.

These words alert certain radical and emotional associations that urge them to take or not take a specific action.

That’s why every word counts to create a feeling that evolves into a want in the prospect’s mind.

They should figure out what is in it for them very quickly to conclude a purchase.

So, it’s really about saying less with a more powerful vocabulary.

Agitating a pain point like the prices, the installation, or the maintenance.

Then elaborating on the emotional value and benefit of the products or the pitch features.

And urging a timely call to action with clear constraints.

While stressing on data, numbers, and what they would miss.

Not forgetting about maintaining a conversational friendly tone that speaks their language.

That can be a very good formula for you.

Creating and Adding Discounts Coupon

If it’s a discount template, you click on the discount section to add or create a discount.

Write a short all-cap discount code.

And define the desired percentage, let’s say 10%.

It can be eligible for all the customers but limit the usage to one use per customer.

Set a validity duration for the discount to make the customer act quickly.

And add the product you’d like the discount to apply to.

After saving the discount it should be imported to the email section with all the information.

This a great value for customers, they can ignore it in a crowded inbox, in the next blog, I’ll tell you about the right way to write subject lines so that no one misses it.

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