Top 5 Professional Email Services for Your Hair Business

Email Services for Hair Business

You can’t go to a board meeting wearing sweatpants, and you can’t send an order confirmation email from a personal email.

It’s just like that.

Representing your brand at its utmost prestige is the only way in the beauty industry.

People favor some beauty brands over others because they want to feel exclusiveness and luxury.

If you want to sell yourself as a hardworking local brand, you can do that too, but if you depend on family and friends to buy, you won’t survive long enough to succeed.

A professional brand needs a professional email to facilitate setting up Shopify, payment gates, and a lot more.

Let’s find out the best plan for your needs and budget, and the top email marketing tricks.

Microsoft 365

I’m not a big fan of the Microsoft user experience.

It looks like the 90s with smoother graphics.

But they know what they’re doing.

Microsoft 365 offer 3 plans:

1- Exchange Online (Plan 1) for $4/month per user.
2- Exchange Online (Plan 2) for $8/month per user.
3- Microsoft 365 Business Standard for $12.5/month per user.

The basic plans can be good enough to own an email with your domain if you’re good with Microsoft Outlook.

The standard plan is quite a bargain since you get premium access to the office programs alongside the email and their new AI app Copilot.

It can come in handy.


Zoho Email is one of the most affordable platforms.

They might showcase their security system but it’s about the same across all the other platforms.

You should be able to afford that, if you don’t, you might need to reconsider your revenue model.

They offer 3 plans:

1- Mail Lite for $1/month per user.
2- Workplace for $3/month per user.
3- Mail Premium for $4/month per user.

The premium email plan is kind of nice, I like how they allow attachments up to 1 GB.


Personally, I prefer GoDaddy for the domain solely, but their email plan can be good value for money.

GoDaddy Email offer 2 plans:

1- Individual Plan for $5/month per user.
2- Team Plan $6/month per user.

That can be sufficient with a generous 10GB of email storage.

It’s quite easy too if you already registered your domain on their website.


I know some of you might hear about it for the first time, but it’s an interesting platform that introduces innovative solutions. It’s my geek tip.

Rackspace offer 3 plans:

1- Rackspace Email for $3/month per user.
2- Rackspace Email Plus $4/month per user.
3- Add Archiving $7/month per user.

It might be suitable for you if you need larger email storage.

Google Workspace

Google Workspace is the Gmail for businesses.

I use it, and I have been using it for ages.

I can upload my files easily on Google Drive, and their AI tool, Gemini, is quite smooth.

They offer 3 plans:

1- Business Starter for $6/month per user.
2- Business Standard $12/month per user.
3- Business Plus $18/month per user.

Their prices have been getting increasingly high, but for me, it’s the best option.

As you begin, don’t overburden yourself with high storage capacity or premium features that you don’t necessarily need.

What matters most is the domain and the look of it. Then you can upgrade what you want when you have the luxury.

Know the latest wig marketing techniques now.

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