Building a Beauty Website: Shopify Product Page SEO (PT 3)

Building a Beauty Website - Shopify Product Page SEO (PT 3)

Traffic is one of the 3 pillars of e-commerce besides the conversions and the margins.

However, it is the kickstart for all of them.

Getting organic traffic is connecting to a consumer who is ready to buy and just looking for a good source.

When she gets in and the site fulfills her needs, it’s a higher chance to convert this into a sale on your terms and margins.

As a rookie, your conversion rate will be around 0.5% which means you need to get 200 visitors to your website to make a single sale.

This can cost $200 with Google Ads.

While the organic demand will be already moving, the trick is to catch as much as you can with different methods fighting over less competitive keywords.

Let me tell you more.

On-Page SEO Overview

Once you open the product editing page you will find the title, description, media, variants, margins, and SEO settings.

You need your title to be straightforward without any modifications, just an accurate sentence about the product.

The description should provide accurate data about the product like the length, the dimensions, the density, the material, and the weight of the hair.

Then you can make a little tweak that emphasizes selling and get fun and creative with that.

But you will need to add keywords that help that to appear in search.

Don’t copy anyone’s approach, make your own after thorough research.

You will need to include multiple photos from different angles and close-ups of your product.

For the SEO settings, you should write a URL without any random words just a clear identification of the product.

Like that: bundle-deal

Then for the meta title, you can use the product title itself with a simple tweak.

And the meta description is the most important, it’s the couple of sentences that appear under the link on the search engine results.

Make it to the point incorporating some keywords from your research.

Keywords Research

I use Ahrefs free keyword generator.

You can write down your product or topic in the search bar.

It will provide you with a good list that you can begin with.

Choose the words with the lower KD (keyword difficulty).

You can rank pretty easily using these words in your meta descriptions and titles.

Just make sure they’re actually relevant, not just super niched down.

A cool trick is searching for a certain word and then scrolling down the page where you find related searches.

You will have up to 8 results that you can test their competitivity and try them.

SEO for Photos

Over on the Shopify product page, go to the media, open each photo, and then edit their Alt text.

Alt text is the text that aids people with visual difficulties as it tells them about the content of the picture in detail.

It also helps the search engine to recognize your picture and ensure its relevance to the product or the blog.

An additional tip is to make sure that the picture is saved under a rational name, not a random word.

The ideal name looks something like that: Glueless-Wig.JPG

By applying these tips over and over again, in every text and photo across your online Shopify store.

You will obtain a decent flow of traffic without actually spending money.

That can help with your marketing approach until you get a better conversion rate.

It takes time and persistence, so don’t fall behind.

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