Easy Branding Win for Your Hair Business: The Favicon!

Easy Hair Business Branding Tips

Your hair brand visual identity is not only about your logo and color ratio.

Brand identity is the characteristics that are conveyed continuously.

The same as you when you act in different situations with different outfits. But you are still the same person at the core.

That’s why deepening your knowledge about your brand can make it adaptable and versatile without narrowing it down with trivial remarks.

Today, I’ll teach you a simple yet powerful trick to make your website look professional with Favicons!

What are Favicons?

Do you know this little logo that appears beside the website in the browser tabs, bookmarks bar, or history dropdown menu?

Also, you can find it in the search bar and the recommended search results.

This micro symbol represents your brand in the most reduced shape of your logo.

It’s what survives after scaling down your logo as much as possible.

Importance of Favicons

Almost every website you go to will have its own favicon.

Missing out on this can make you look generic.

You don’t want to look like the late person to the party or the new neighbor in town.

You have to meet the bare minimum to sound trustworthy and to move on with your first sale already.

How to Edit them on Shopify?

You will need to the main home screen of your Shopify store > The online store > Customize theme > Theme Settings > Then you will find the favicon listed at the end.

Please note that your image will be scaled down to 32 x 32px. So, get as close to that as possible so you don’t disturb your image quality much.

Designing the Favicon

Canva is my practical muse that gets these kinds of tasks done efficiently.

We will go to Canva, and we can start with 64 x 64px and let Shopify compress it down.

If you don’t have a unique logo or your logo depends on the calligraphy, you can blend elements that reflect the beauty industry feeling of your hair business.

Be aware that most users will have their browsers in dark mode.

If your favicon has a white background that can sound messy.

So, choose a set of colors that can look vibrant in dark and light mediums with clear borders.

The last thing you will need to do is to save the favicon in PNG format with a transparent background.

With Canva you can usually remove the background if you already have a good icon in hand.

And make sure the file name matches the content, not just weird random punches on the keyboard.

That helps immensely with SEO.

Setting Up the Favicon

Now we go back to Shopify and upload our transparent PNG favicon.

Another SEO trick is adding alt text.

It tells the search engine what your image is about, so the engine interprets it more easily with computer vision.

That improves your website ranking in the image search and the original search results at the same time.

And as simple as that, you gave your website a sleek look that makes it look like it knows what it is talking about.

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