Shopify Email: Introduction to Shopify's Email Marketing App

Introduction to Shopify's Email Marketing App

I rely heavily on email marketing.

Unlike some other marketing tools, email outreach is loaded with functions to segment and retarget.

30% of sales will be coming from email solely.

It is useful for marketing tactics like upselling and winning back idle customers.

You can follow up on abandoned carts, product pages, or checkout.

The nice thing about it is that most of the time it’s automated.

After you create your own template and several editions with different copies, you set the flows and lean back to watch.

But what platform to use?

Shopify Email Functions

Shopify Email enables you to send emails with different flows.

Flows like:

• Birthday countdown.
• Order confirmation.
• First purchase anniversary.
• Back in stock.
• Product review / cross-selling.
• Customers thank you.
• Happy Birthday emails.
• Replenishment reminder.
• Abandoned carts.
• Abandoned checkout.
• Abandoned product browser.
• Welcome series.

You can control the priority for that too, if you want to notify VIP customers with a ‘’back in stock’’ email first. Or focus on higher-value cart abandonment.

It needs no coding as you will design your email templates using drag and drop.

You can link it with Shopify Forms if you want to include questionnaires or special- order forms in your email.

Actually, you can add express checkout buttons to the email so the customers can buy instantly without being redirected to the website.

This feature can help your conversion rate and get a better response for your emails.

You can segment your audience into repeating, existing, and VIP customers.

You don’t want to send a generous discount to a first-time buyer, or a win-back email flow to recent purchasers.

Shopify Email Other Features

What I like about Shopify Email is the dynamic, the flows are ready and programmed.

The emails get sent out on precise time cycles.

That leaves your mind at ease.

The analytics is also getting better over time.

It’s the most fun part of doing email marketing.

You can see when it went wrong with your emails in numbers that can’t be misunderstood.

Getting this overview will help you optimize your flow and get a better understanding of the process.

And of course, how it’s closely integrated with your Shopify Store is just magnificent.

They get this new AI integration where it tells you when to schedule the emails, it’s kind of cool.

A lot of you will feel lost about the optimal time to send emails with different time zones.

Shopify Email Pricing

You also get a good bargain of 10000 emails per month for free.

That should be enough for a 500 to 1000 subscribers email list.

Once you earn yourself bigger lists you pay $1 for 1000 emails automated or manually.

Depending on your return on investment and the conversion rate, that can be a good deal if used wisely.

A/B testing will teach you to utilize emails better than putting all your eggs in one basket.

By that I mean, testing different variables while keeping some factors consistent to get a qualified opinion about the outperforming elements.

Pushing a campaign consistently with high-quality content and offerings can lead to a steady flow of sales that accompanies your website traffic.

After a couple of months, your sales will cover the expenses of these emails and exceed a very good kick per buck.

Next blog post, we are going to make an email template together on Shopify Email.

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