Wholesale or Dropship Hair Extensions in 2024: Starting a Hair Extension Business

Wholesale or Dropship Hair Extensions in 2024

It’s the lifelong debate that you will find as soon as you’re interested in launching your own hair business.

While some celebrities have already established publicity with thousands of people on hold waiting for their personal brand.

The common you and me, need to work their way to a decent customer base.

This road is kind of costly and kind of long.

What is great though is getting out of your comfort zone to take such a big step.

Launching a hair business in 2024 is at a good time.

While the market is half rested you can build your business and sort your funnels out to be able to participate in the market when it goes up again.

That being said, what to choose to crack your way through it?

Wholesaling Hair Pros and Cons

Holding inventory in hand can be amusing.

To see what you’re capable of managing and disbursing.

But you need to know all of your expenses in advance.

Holding the inventory itself is costly.

Because you put your money into products that you can sell a year later.

Certain items can take time to be sold.

The opportunity lost by not investing the same money in other options that might provide a stable return is a cost.

If you’re shipping your orders yourself, that gas is a cost, or shipping through a third party.

The items being shipped to you in the first place can make around $3 more than the initial cost per product.

Not to forget the situations that can occur. Like if you had an order for 4 bundles and you have only 3.

It will take time to get this bundle from a vendor, and the shipping cost will be divided by 1 order which increases the cost per unit.

My favorite situation is what you’re going to do if you want to take a vacation.

Is your business big enough to hire someone, or do you have to ask friends?

Storage and maintaining the products also takes an effort.

Branding is going to get messy. You will need a printer, maybe a Dymo or a Zebra.

The ink makers are piling money as we speak.

The prices are going crazy.

You will print, label, and package yourself.

In Private Label Wholesale you can get down your shipping cost and time, as you will get free shipping and they are already in our warehouses in Atlanta.

But do you think it’s best for you as you begin?

Dropshipping Pros and Cons

The great thing about dropshipping hair is that you buy the inventory at the time you sell it.

You buy your time back too.

That allows you to spend your time on other more important business aspects.

Your blog posting, your social media posting, customer service, and campaign management.

You will have more resources in hand to fund these campaigns to hire new employees, or to upscale your integrations on Shopify.

It will be pretty automated; you can be anywhere around the globe and fulfill your orders in seconds.

Hybrid System

You can resort to a peaceful solution.

Mixing two styles can be beneficial in certain cases.

If you want to target your local market and the areas surrounding you, you can store a decent number of products to be ready for your orders.

While your online store is dealing with a wider base of customers.

The idea will be feeding your inventory of your dropshipping sales.

That can be a roadmap to start with the dropshipping then evolving towards wholesaling or even opening your own showroom.

Branding Solutions

If you use the Dropship Beauty App, you can actually reach the ultimate ease of mind of running an online hair business.

Leaving the fact that you will have access to hundreds of products aside.

You can partner up with Private Label Branding.


Because as a Dropship Beauty partner, you get assigned a bin in our warehouse, so every time you get an order, this order is tracked for branding assets.

If you use Private Label Branding for custom bags, labels, and boxes.

Our team will know that your order needs your branding, and then tag and package the products for you before getting shipped out to your customers.

Long-Term Outlook

Business is not a sprint, it’s a lifetime marathon.

For me, it’s better to post on social media once a week for two years rather than posting five times a day for a month.

While you’re moving intensely the returns can be much slower than you.

Don’t burn yourself short.

Be consistent and put effort incrementally to grow exponentially.

The road is not hard, but it’s not easy, it just takes patience.

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