How to Sell Hair on Shopify (With Dropshipping!)

Sell Hair on Shopify

If you got this right, everything else, but patience, will be easy.

Dropshipping has been generous for many people, especially the early adopters.

I got into dropshipping in 2016 before it was a hit after wholesaling for 6 years.

As a beginner hair business owner dropshipping is a blessing.

Not everyone has a good initial investment that can help him inventory a variety of products that can be up to $10,000 in value.

Besides the storage, the logistics, and the cost of packaging the items yourself.

Wholesaling might be for more specialist people who tend to sell in physical stores or salons.

The challenges though will be in finding a good hair dropshipping app with high-quality products with no synthetic hair or any cost of shipping from abroad.

Today, I’ll provide a full guide so that as soon as you finish the article, you will have an e-commerce platform more than enough to go live right away.

Dropshipping App

Private Label introduced the Dropship Beauty App a couple of years ago.

The app is now marked at $20 per month.

What is great about the app is that it includes up to 250 products that you can import in a matter of seconds.

This wide horizon of products offers 100% human hair extensions from Private Label trusted manufacturers.

And what is amazing is that 1 minute after installing the app, you can be selling hair already.

Creating Collections

First thing you would like to break your website into pieces.

We will want to design the hair website homepage.

The way to do that is to create relevant collections.

By going to products and then collections, you can start categorizing your products.

You would want to do categories like wigs, extensions, tape-ins, and so on.

This step is really simple.

Right after that, you can add the collections to the navigation bar by going to the online store > navigation > main menu and linking up the targeted collection.

You can remove the unwanted sections. The online store comes with a home button that I advise you to remove.

You can also make subcategories for collections like wigs for better organizing.

Just make the attended collection and swipe it right under the wigs while sorting the navigation bar.

Importing Products

By heading to products after installing the Dropship Beauty App, you will be able to view all the products.

What you want to do is to import hair products that fit your brand.

My two cents of advice are making use of hits.

My insider tip is that the bestsellers lately are closures more than frontals.

People are shifting from the 13x4 and 13x6 frontals to the 5x5 and 6x6 HD closures.

The wigs might vary on your target audience, but you should be adding more than eliminating certain options.

Move the chosen products to the import list to finalize them there.

Then you should adjust the price multiplier, a reasonable multiplier could be around 1.6X to make a 60% profit margin.

You can round up fractions to the closest one dollar.

And for every product you import you can add it to a collection to be categorized the moment it's imported.

Customizing Store

Honestly, you can play around and let your personal touch shine.

You have the creative liberty just go to the online store > themes > customize.

The ideal website though, should have a banner with a clear image that you can tweak a little by applying a black shade over the image and adjusting its opacity, so the text becomes readable.

Then right under that, you can showcase your 5 most popular products in a 5-per- row single-row swipe.

Then you should add a banner with some copywriting punchlines to elevate the emotional state of the visitor.

The next section can be your main collections followed by a little piece about your brand.

And you might want to use a section to collect leads through email subscriptions.

If your store doesn’t have a lot of products, you can get rid of the sorting and filtering options to provide a cleaner look.

For the themes, Shopify has been optimizing its 2.0 themes, I prefer to test with Dawn, but you can choose whatever you find suitable.

However, I wouldn’t be doing you any favor if I hid this away from you.

Over at Dropship Beauty, you can find a pre-designed hair website for $99.

Our team designed and optimized them, especially for hair businesses.

You can easily purchase the website, and get it customized for yourself.

And find the products selected and pre-imported for you.

I think it’s a win-win.

Editing Imported Products

Optimizing your products for the search engine is critical.

You have to add Alt text to each picture so the search engine can understand its content and so people with visual difficulties.

Your product pictures should be unified in style and size without any disturbance to the original color of the hair.

The imported products will have the title and the description pre-written.

Leave the title as it is, because it’s the universal intent of searching, don’t get creative with it.

You might want to get creative with the description though, make it a little sassy or fun if possible.

Don’t abuse keywords, the engines understand this abuse and won’t rank you.

Make the description fair and to the point without any hustle.

Exploring Settings

Shopify is like your brick-and-mortar store, you should be continuously exploring it, even if you break the website sometimes.

But get nosy, discover the policies, and if you want to adjust something like typos or spacing.

Link up your social media so the social media buttons won’t be redirecting to Shopify social channels.

Get your Shopify payment set up and attach your credit card to fulfill orders swiftly.

You can integrate different apps like Shopify Audiences or Shopify Point of Sale.

People have been facilitating their payments through Shop Pay Installments, so you might add it.

And as soon as you get your first sale, start analyzing your data, see what is selling more, when people leave, and what are their feedback.

From now on, it’s just optimizing. You’re done with the heavy lifting.

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