Flewed Out: New Orleans Edition

Flewed Out: New Orleans Edition

Contest is LIVE! How to Win is in this article!

What you Will Win!

The Flewed Out: New Orleans contest winner will receive:

  • Flight to New Orleans
  • Hotel in New Orleans
  • $500 Cash Spending Money
  • Ticket to the Bronner Bros Hair Show (Aug 28 - 30)
  • Access to Live Hair Biz Radio Podcast taping
  • Access to the Hair Business Blueprint class

This is a game-changer for anyone in the hair industry!

Why am I Doing This?

The support for Private Label and its sister brands has been phenomenal since we first got started in 2014. I had nothing when starting this business. No money. No Credit. Just an idea.

This hair business has taken me places I never thought I would go. Around the world and back!

If you read my book, Fearless Beauty, you would know my "Why" for my business is to help others be successful in the beauty industry. I dedicate almost all my time doing so. 

What fun is life if you can't share what you are doing with others?

The Private Label team is SO EXCITED to go to the Bronner Bros hair show in New Orleans. Many of the team members going will be visiting NOLA for the first time. 

I think this travel and event experience would elevate anyone looking to grow their hair business. Being able to bring someone outside of our organization, possibly you, is so rewarding and exciting!

Sometimes we need a little luck in life. Someone to uplift us once in the right direction.

This contest will allow me to share the Travel & Hair Event experience with someone that supports us. 

Now, how to win! 

Leave a comment at the bottom of this page with WHY you really need to win this trip. Please include your city so I can make sure you are in the USA as this contest is only valid for the continental 48 states.

As the Private Label team grows, so will contests like this.

Thank you for your support since 2014. 

~ Mikey


  • Antoinette OBee

    Well, what individual that loves the hair industry wouldn’t want to experience Bronner Brothers in person!? The hair shows and competitions are my favorite part, but I would love to see all the new, products, tools, and techniques that are in store for the future of the industry. I am just getting started with my website, but have been what I like to call an independent hairstylists for quite sometime. I reside in Milwaukee, WI, now home of the most humble NBA Champs! It’s a small, big city, rich in culture, but as much as I love it, I have been feeling trapped here lately. Something very important to know about me is that I am what I call a sole parent/ almost a sole family member to my 7 year old son. Traveling helps with stress, I believe it will also just be such a great motivater for me. I’m a firm believer that sometimes you need to get out of your hometown for a little while to fall in love with it again, if that makes sense. I haven’t left the city since 20I7 when I traveled to Bethesda Maryland to care for my cousin who was going through chemotherapy, by the way she’s going to Ghana in two days, so it’s safe to say she has been thriving since then! Im a sweet, humble person, and love to help others, I have goals of being a business owner that not only brings wealth and pride for my family, but prosperity and pride to my city as well. Everything I do is for my son, I want to make him proud. Thank you for the many blessings and opportunities PLE provides and good luck to everyone. 🏆💜

  • Brittany Hayden

    Good morning Mikey!

    I have been following you for a few years now and I have been In the hair business since 2014 but really remaining consistent the last year and a half. I have implemented many of the tactics you speak on and I believe an opportunity like this to be under your tutelage will grant me the ability to learn what I need to tweak in my business! I am set to host my own month long pop up in a mall storefront this November as well as take over a salon next year. Your journey to open stores I have been obsessed with and I stand to benefit from just 10 min of talk time about this process. And that’s why I desperately want this opportunity. A lot of my business finances are tied up in the pop up and inventory needed. I actually already have a flight to New Orleans from Chicago on Aug 26 to come to the show as I’ve never been and I believed so strongly about benefiting from seeing the set ups and possibly meeting you at private label! I just could not afford to stay the entire event. Please consider my request to join the contest! I really feel i just need a bit of nurturing to really do it big! Thank you for hosting things like this for smaller entrepreneurs! P.s I live in illinois.

  • Larry Dowdle

    Hi Mikey,

    I have always wanted to attend one of these events to help me understand the hair business more. To Winn this it would be life changing and very helpful in business and life. By being a male that doesn’t know to much in detail of this business I launched a few years back. I would love to be there and see in detail how everything works. I can watch videos all day, I’m more of a hands on and I learn better that way. Well hopefully this will give me a chance to advance in my business. I can’t wait to get flewed out

  • Mara Mckinnes

    Hello Mikey and The Private Label Extensions team! You all have inspired me to start my company 3 years ago, and although I have not had as much success as I would have liked, I can honestly say that it was my fault, a lack of my performance and feeling discouraged at most times. I’ve also faced some tragic losses over the last year and I’m trying to stand strong and not let those losses defeat me. At one point, I lost all motivation for taking on anything business related after I had to close my salon. As I continued to pray and ask God what to do to move past these great losses, I was told to go back to where my motivation began. So I went back to the Fb group “How to start a hair business” (I was very interactive in the group before life’s losses happened 🤦‍♀️) and I’m getting the Fearless Beauty book today I’m starting ALL THE WAY OVER! Rebranding and relaunching with a whole new set of ideas when it comes to my brand, my companies and my lifestyle. I seen this contest opportunity and just thought about all of the times I planned to go to The Bronner Bros events but missed out due to work, kids or other obligations. I even bought a Beauty Professional ticket to the show and was going to go alone a few years back, but once again life happened and I missed that opportunity. Having the chance to be able to get that drive, that motivation, dedication, commitment, and encouragement instilled back into me by attending the events, the workshops and classes is just the PUSH I need! The overall excitement of the Hairshows itself Is one of the reasons I even became a Cosmetologist to begin with and learning from the best in the business and seeing the show for the first time ever will heighten my drive to push my creative ideas! I’ve seen Mikey and the team REALLY FLOURISH over the last 5 years and I want to congratulate you all on the success of PLE and on behalf of all of us out here grinding right along with yall, we thank you for all you have done for businesses all over the globe. Good luck to everyone! 🤞

  • Bri Wright

    Mikeeeeyyyy!!! My name is Bri Wright from Atl🍑 I have never attended a Bronner Bros show. Now that I’m laser focused on my hair business it would be a blessing to attend the 75th anniversary of the show especially in NOLA!! Attending all the events would definitely be a awesome learning experience for me with my business and be the extra motivation to keep the pedal on the gas💨💨 You are the G.O.A.T with all the avenues you have to help me and everyone to have no choice but to be SUCCESSFUL with FEARLESS BEAUTY BOOK, HAIR MASTER CLASS, DROPSHIP BEAUTY, FACEBOOK GROUP and your HAIR BIZ RADIO which you drop 💎💎 all the time just to name a few. That’s how I actually found you from a past episode last year on YouTube. I was like who is this GUY⁉️ He know about some EXTENSIONS‼️ Every since then I been apart of GANG and looking forward to the Future!! I have a real humble mentor ( MIKEY) here in the A to learn from or answer questions I may have. That’s already a HUGE win‼️ The learning experience at Bronner Bros would expand my mind and thought process on so many levels. To be around the BEST of the BEST I would soak it all in and apply to my business‼️ I’m ready to be FLEWED OUT✈️ With this once In a lifetime Opportunity 🙏🏽

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