How To Respond To Blogger Outreach Emails

hair business tips: blogger outreach emails

SEO is a popularity contest.

The more links you have on your website, the higher it will rank. Let me fill you in on the dynamics and some terms you need to know.

If you’re a dropshipper in the hair business, please, keep reading for a bonus at the end. 

Link-building Magic

Backlinking is a conversation between two sites. It’s when you’re referring to another website with an anchor text.

Presumably, it values you in the eyes of Google Algorithm. That gets you a higher flow of traffic and, hence, more sales. So, it can be a good asset for hair businesses.
Google keeps denying it with new updates. But everyone in the SEO community knows that they’re still doing it.

Collaborative Guest Posting Opportunity

I recently received an email from a shady person who wants to make a cooperation between Private Label and his website.

To understand why this is important. You must know that you can turn a popular website, like ours, into a cash cow.

That way, you transfer power between two websites. So, the less powerful websites become more legitimate as well-established entities refer to them.

Guest Post Email Example

The Risks Involved With Guest Articles

You can risk your reputation and even your rank by putting lousy content on your website.
So, the receiver will benefit while you pay for it.
Especially if you’re dedicated to establishing your hair extension business. And don’t want to disrupt the image you’re putting out there.

My Posting Recommendation

As I keep receiving these kinds of emails, you can indicate that they’re working for some people. But mostly, it’s SEO agencies hiring outreaches to do collaborations without making valuable content. You can ignore them and their automated follow-up emails.
You might benefit from them If you have nothing to lose. Or have an old website that you can pump up a little.
Either way, you can make a little extra money on the side, and no one will hate that.

A Sneaky Bonus

Private label just launched a hit.

It’s a seamless clip-in collection. With a natural, swift look, customers in the Atlanta Hair Store keep buying and buying them.

Wholesale Hair Vendor

You can visit Dropship Beauty, import them to your dropshipping platform, and start selling them today with great results.

Looking to get your hair brand off the ground quickly?

Check out the Dropship Hair Websites which set you up on a new Shopify e-commerce website with all the products imported and dropshipping ready.

Thoughts on Blogger Outreach Emails

Link building is a leverage tool you need to use every once in a while or hire a team to assist you with it.

But the game changer is always the effort you put into building a site that resonates, serves, and provides valuable knowledge with a freemium model.

That benefits you in the long term because it builds a base of customers who are loyal and look up to you. And spread the word of mouth in the real world.

And in return, to be the best in your region in the hair industry with a stable hair extensions and wigs business.

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