The Shocking Truth About Hair Grading Systems and Hair Styles

Hair Weave Grades

I’d like to think of Private Label as a truth center, we can keep a secret, but we share scams.

In Private Label, we continuously deal with and partner with hot-shot celebrities, but we never share those partnerships on social media or brag about them.

I’m the behind scenes guy.

But as I traveled to China numerous times, I fitted into the community, and I actually ate bugs!

On these trips, I visited many hair manufacturers. With boots on the ground, I roamed their factories.

There is the real hair language and the marketing language, and I’m going to help you to distinguish them.

Plan Your Hair Business ahead now!

The History of the ‘’A” Grading System

Back in the old days when I was starting my hair business 10 years ago.

The top-quality hair was the 5A grade. Since then, they have added a new grade each year until the latest 15A.

The problem with that is there is no definite calculation or equation for these hair grades.

You can’t just label a hair and try to convince me it’s a better hair because of a bundle band color or a random letter.

The truth is all human hair is alike.

The processing and the sources might vary.

And that’s what you should be looking for.

The ‘’A’’ grading system is just a term coined by international trading companies and the distributors in China, not even the manufacturers.

It’s some sort of a marketing tactic that the customers got used to so they ask for specific A grades, and they will not buy in case you don’t have it.

How to Grade Hair Extensions?

There are multiple factors that control hair quality.


Is it a single or a double weft? Sometimes these matters for the bundle so the hair doesn’t shed all over the place.


Manufacturers tend to skim 5 to 10 grams of the bundle. So out of every 5000 bundles they produce. They save enough hair for an extra 260-560 bundles.

The standard weight of a hair bundle is 100 grams or 3.5 ounces.

Hair Type

In Private Label, we go all the way for 100% human hair.

Some companies sell synthetic hair by default, but other companies can sell a blend of the two as a solid pure human hair.

Raw Hair

Raw hair is best for coloring, it lasts long and has superb quality.

Its cuticles face the same direction naturally as it is gathered by cutting off ponytails.

Some people don’t like it because it frizzes up in humid conditions. But it has a great ability to be curled, styled, and dyed.

Virgin Hair

On the contrary, virgin hair processed not to frizz and so all the cuticles face the same direction to make Remy hair.

You may be limited to fewer coloring options.

Single-Donor or Multiple

Only matters for certain hair types like Indian Temple Hair or unique gray hair. However, some vendors claim to have single-donor hair while it’s just regular hair.

Single or Double-Drawn

The most common hair being sold in the US is single-drawn hair because the double is much more expensive due to processing the short hair out of the bundle.


As long as it is not pre-dyed. Virgin hair can be colored to 27 Honey Blonde while raw hair can look pretty in 60 Platinum and 613 Blonde.


Raw hair is for sure the best for styling.

What Are the Best Hair Extensions?

When I make deals for Private Label, I don’t get fixated on the grading.

The sources are what really matter.

If you don’t know Brazilian hair is just another marketing term. It may be accurate for the styling but not the material itself.

Vietnamese raw hair is smooth and silky for most straight styles and can be curled into steamed wavy.

Most of my celebrities' special orders are Chinese hair though it is not so popular as hair more than an end product where it gets manufactured. But it’s surprisingly long and soft.

We are focused more on the Indian Temple Hair, it’s right in the middle when we can get the most out of it with different styles.

It is mostly donated in temples by young women sacrificing their material beauty, religious men cut their hair as ponytails and then it is sold so the temples can afford to exist.

Comparing the ‘’A’’ Hair Grade?

For all you know, a vendor can go crazy and tell you he sells 20A grade hair where he sourced it as 6A as the trading company convinced him it’s different for the 5A.

There is no universal grading system for hair. It will never end.

Learn about your customer base and do what is relevant and beneficial for them. And know your hair goods.

Define if you’re into human hair, synthetic hair, virgin hair, or raw hair.

Pick the product based on the need and styles.

And do quality check-ups before stocking large amounts.

Know your good first.

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