Sell More Wigs Using Private Label Photos and Methods

sell more wigs

To become a leader in the hair business industry, you need to know your way around visual assets.

Some people put out showy designs that look out-of-date, and others put out eye-catching pictures that catch the eye and hurt it with a tacky blend of colors.

Branding is the way you introduce yourself to the world.

So, every product picture on your website contributes to this image.

The Product

After you import products to your Shopify store using your dropshipping app.

Or use your vendor’s pictures if you purchase wholesale hair.

Your human hair wigs can look generic, or don’t give the intended feeling of your brand.

Modifying them in a way that goes along with your theme colors will give you a swift look that encourages customers to stay and interact on your website.

As e-commerce is all about personalization, you need to pay closer attention to every detail all down the sales funnel.

The Coloring

White gives a pure feeling.

Orange Is creative.

Blue builds up trust.

Red creates urgency.

Green clicks with growth and greed.

Yellow is energetic and enthusiastic.

Black demonstrates excellence and exclusiveness.

Each color bridges a psychological bond to the customer's head.

Especially if you keep using the same combination repeatedly across all your platforms.

Over time you will be building associations with your audience.

So, in the early stages, try and test out a handful of combinations before sticking to a particular one.

You can use tools like Adobe Color Wheel to find out your perfect pair.

The Lighting

The lighting is the glue for your elements.

So, when you put a product picture or photograph it. It’s essential to show off all the details.

Without getting too creative with it. If the primary pictures have shadows or highlights in the wrong areas. Your picture has no use for selling.

The ideal condition for your picture is going to be not too lit or too dim.

The Background

Customers like to visually imagine themselves using the product.

With breakthroughs in augmented reality, it’s becoming essential to test out the product online before buying it.

You don’t want a crowded image. You need a clean and simple look.

And be aware that you are always more than welcome to steal our photos, well…borrow them. And adjusting them to your taste.

Then you can easily visit Canva to remove the background in seconds. And try different backgrounds.

But make sure:

-It doesn’t steal the eye away from the wig.
-Background is matching the original conditions of your photo.
-The background sculpts the wig and shows it off.
-It’s a light, not a dark background.

Product Photography

You can manually photograph your wigs if you have them in hand or hire someone to do it.

All it takes is a clean minimal setting, good lighting positions, and minor edits.

But it’s always better to use authentic user-generated pictures from your customers, whether they shared them in a review or tagged you on social media.

It shows how natural are your products without looking like you’re selling much.

If you need to recognize how critical is your hair branding check out this blog.

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