Why You Shouldn't Start a Hair Extension Business in 2024

Don't Start a Hair Business

Everyone wants to quit their 9 to 5.

I never adapted to this lifestyle, I apply it in my day, but not the corporate way.

It might be easier than ever to start a new hair business, you can do it with a few clicks before finishing a meal.

I believe in entrepreneurial life, and it disappointed me several times, however, it rewarded me a dozen times.

The hair business is my thing, I supported a lot of people in the beginning and I’m supporting you right now.

But there are some shocking truths I need to get out of the way first.

Family and Friends Will Let You Down

If you think your first flow of customers and their feedback will be internal, forget about it.

It’s not a bad thing. But not all people have the mental and the financial capacity like you.

They might even don’t want you to succeed. They don’t know any better than their normal path in life.

They will come after you show the first signs of making it.

So, show, don’t tell.

It’s Not for Everyone

Our steps draw the path, it’s not pre-destined.

When your vision is premature. No one will get it.

It’s why it’s hard and not everyone goes and does it.

Nothing will go as planned, it might take you weeks to get your first sale.

Some people drop it in the first week, some drop it in the fourth week.

What matters most is how determined you are to fight this resistance.

Time and Cost Consuming

Business is not a sprint, you can set up everything perfectly, and then sit and listen to silence echoing back at you.

Until you become trusted and have a steady stable flow, things can get pretty volatile.

The upfront investment might vary too if you’re going to buy wholesale hair. It will cost you to hold and manage this inventory with a higher risk of losing it all as a sunk cost.

Which makes dropshipping hair the safest scenario as it takes a lot off what’s on your plate, and lets you focus on other important stuff.

A quick tip: without tests and trials, body wave bundles and matching frontal and closures might be your bestselling as you start.

It Takes a Good Teacher

Most of the time, it is not about selling, it’s about educating.

A good chunk of your audience wouldn’t know the best practices to use your products.

They wouldn’t know what the best for them is and why your product might be the best for them.

You have to manage a personalized experience that includes reaching out directly to them, special treatments, follow-ups, and education.

Why To Do It?

Well, a lot of people stopped selling hair in 2024, it might be your chance.

It won’t be all roses, but you can make it with a good amount of dedication.

It won’t be working on a beach in Dubai, of course. But maybe someday.

Because one sale a week can change your life. A sale a day can pay your rent.

How To Start?

You can read my book, Fearless Beauty. It’s like my open source for everyone who wants to launch their hair business but lacks the experience and the science.

My Hair Business Masterclass is live, I’ll be available within my wonderful community to take your hand to a successful hair brand one step at a time.

If medical wigs are your thing, you can be certified over at Wig Medical, with a different set of courses.

And finally, I can uncage your dream, but you must have one.

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